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June 05, 2007 

Oh Please

So the new logo for London 2012 has been revealed. At a star studded ceremony. And El Tonito's comment?

"When people see the new brand, we want them to be inspired to make a positive change in their life.
Oh pur-lease. I saw it and wondered what it was. It did not make me immediately desire a new life, a new job, a new level of fitness, a new family, a new home or even just a new computer. Except for perhaps the new computer could come with a bull-o-meter to warn me when not to read news articles.

Edit: Oh yes! (Courtesy of paj)

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I heard that quote and was inspired to positively change my Prime Minister.

I like No.1 in the BBC's alternatives.
As for the logo the Beeb also show how it seems so similar to the Tiswas logo. I didn't know that as I was a Going Live Girl and wasn't allowed to watch sat am telly before that!

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