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June 04, 2007 

Being Both Crusty and Demonic

Yesterday afternoon we witnessed the show that is "Crusty Demons Unleash Hell". Three hours of motorcycle madness. Well, actually, about an hour and a half of motorcycle madness, and the rest made up of freak show acts and Crusty Babe action. I was pretty terrified by "the rest". This is, remember, a family show, and yesterday afternoon we witnessed a man in womens underwear have his backside trapped in illegal man traps, members of the audience spanked by scantily clad women, a dwarf "audition" for the Crusty Babes, and to top it off a kiddy dancing competition, in which one of the kids (aged about 4) was trapped between two Babes and had to "spank" one of them (helped by the other). Mum was probably in the audience with her head in her hands whilst Dad suffered extreme jealousy. And to top it off, the kid won a 50cc motorbike. I can only imagine the family's joy! "Oooh Dad, I've just been to this great show where they turn the motorbikes upside down and now I have one I can try it on myself. Cool!".

I did really enjoy the bikes. There were some great moments where they actually took the time to explain the progression of the sport, and some great all-the-bikes-in-the-arena-together-going-mad bits. I was a little concerned by the theme running through of "last time I did this trick I broke my arm/leg/neck/brain and the doctor says I shouldn't be riding right now, but if you cheer loud enough I'll try and hospitalise myself again for you", but overall, worth the trip just to see the upside down athletics. These boys must be very very fit.

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I'd go back to running Kirsty. It is inoffensive & healthy (but you can break bits as a careless option). How many k's today?

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