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May 23, 2007 

Full Volume Whitney (or Day 10)

I finally did it. I got down to a 6 minute kilometre. Admittedly I did it by running the other way round the park to usual (i.e. down the big hill, not up it!) but none-the-less, I shaved 1 and a half minutes off my time. Go. Me.

I also dropped a kilo, so for the record, my white cotton wrap around top is off limits if I put weight on. Not that most of you know what that is, but Mum, you were there when I bought it!!

In other news, our neighbours are currently subjecting me to full volume Whitney. And I-eeee-I will always love you-oooo-oo-o-o-o. Somebody get me out of here!

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Go Kirsty. Kilos off and better a time.We wont recognize the svelte figure when we see it.....

Well done you!

I suggest we move to avoid any further exposure to Whitney Ustinov!

Go you indeed. Well done. I remember the top and it's really nice so a good incentive to keep that kilo off (and lose more!) You're making me feel guilty now - must exercise more than the typing fingers.

Couldn't you do some aerobics to Whitney?

Days 11 and 12?

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