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June 02, 2007 

Day 20

Still no real excercise. I tried to get up and go in Bendigo, but realised I had no key to the house, so I couldn't get back in if I'd gone. I'm still very bunged up, which is incredibly frustrating. More than that, I've put on that kilo. Part of that is that I'm packing to move, so it's hard to get enthusiastic about cooking well right now. I'm running a 5k race in 2 weeks, so I've got to get back out there and fit.

I've also struck a pact with a friend. The Melbourne Marathon races this year finish with a lap of the MCG. How often do you get to do that? Not very, let me tell you, so we're going to sign up. As doing a 5k seems a bit of a cheat, we've decided that the run round the MCG will be the reward for a half marathon. I've worked out a training schedule, and the Run to the G is the end of the first week - a kind of benchmark. So I will definitely be running next week, or I'm going to look really stupid on the 7th October!

So if anyone's thinking of a trip to Aus this year, I can guarantee a really big comedy event on the weekend before my 31st birthday - me, struggling to look like an athlete as I hobble round the MCG, before heading straight for a bar. Come witness!

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