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May 18, 2007 

Day 5

This morning it was chucking it down. Overnight the site we're working on in Bendigo had 40mm of rain in 2 hours. Places around the country are celebrating as the drought seems to have broken (although we still need months of this - isn't that a great thing to look forward to!). I got up at 6am and went downstairs to the little gym, rather than go out in it. At some point I'm going to have to get wet, but not this morning... I did star jumps and lifted weights and sat up and dipped.

In other news, I now have a Victorian drivers licence. I no longer have a UK one. The photo's shocking on my new one, but at least I'm legal!

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I am pleased you didn't let the rain stop you. Keep it up. Inches will come off in the gym..they will... they will.

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