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May 20, 2007 

Day 7

You may have guessed (or even asked me in person!) that yesterday was a rest day. The original reason behind chosing Saturday was that I had planned to go dragon boating this morning. However, in the eventuality, it turned out that at heart I haven't changed in the last 20 years. I didn't go because I wasn't sure if anyone I knew would be there. So I went for a run instead. Boring. But I did manage to shave 15 seconds off my previous best for that route. Still not quick enough, but getting there.

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I hope you have some nice graphs at the end of this.

I have a beautiful google spreadsheet (yes, I am, apparantly, a bit of a geek), but I don't know how to share it. Maybe I'll just post the graph on here at some point, when I work out how.

Very cool to see/chat with you on Sat, Kirsty.

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