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May 22, 2007 

Day 8 & 9

Yesterday I didn't do anything. This is mostly because of Sunday afternoon. I met up with a friend and we walked the route of the Run to the G, and then walked back to my place, so all in it was about 8.5km. I, of course, forgot to stretch, and could barely walk yesterday having pulled a muscle in my thigh. I was due to go out at lunchtime with a bunch of colleagues, but pulled out. Obviously this had nothing to do with the fact that the heavens opened around that time.

This morning the muscle's still stiff, but I managed to run 2.5 km, and it feels like it might last the day, so that's good. Tomorrow I'm again due to meet the same people for a run, which will probably be about 5 km, so I'd better be careful not to pull anything else!

Having friends to run with is a great motivator. It also gives a competitive edge. Good luck. Don't overdo it with that muscle. Can't get competitive on the treadmill...

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