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May 29, 2007 

Day 16

Silence is golden, apparantly! I haven't done anything for a few days, I'm afraid. I went home from work ill on Thursday, struggled through Friday, was in bed very very early on Saturday, so I've executively given myself a few days off to recover from this cold. It's really knocked me out, and there's so many people off work really ill that I don't want to be one of them! This morning I'm off to Bendigo, so I got up 15 minutes early and did various excercises. Not too bad. Still no running (I'm so bunged up it's hard enough to breathe normally!) but at least I felt like I was doing something.

I aim to go for a short run tomorrow morning. Everything starts later in Bendigo, so I won't have to get up as early. We shall see.

So what's golden about being ill? Gently does it back into training now - don't pull something vital to movement in the last few weeks.

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