May 02, 2016 

New start

Hello? Is this thing on?

3:20am. I'm wide awake next to a (hopefully)almost asleep toddler. I haven't had a full nights sleep since D was born. I still have the heartburn his pregnancy brought me. I still have the weight too. It's been a year since I damaged my Achilles and it's not better because I'm terrible at following instructions. I'm exhausted.

So what next?

I need to take control. Calories down, Achilles work up. Accountability through this blog...

November 20, 2013 

An open letter to Metro Trains

I arrived at Flinders Street to get the 1722 to obvious delays. The upfield line was advertised as next on platform 4. I waited. A Craigieburn line came and went. An Alamein. A Sunbury. Another Craigieburn. I asked the customer service rep when an upfield would arrive. Whilst talking to him the 1722 was cancelled, at around 1735, with an announcement that the 1742 would be delayed. When I complained he helpfully said to contact 'them' via 'their' website.

I got a tram and narrowly met (by 5 minutes) the deadline at daycare to pick my son up. 
My complaints are as follows:
1. That Metro Trains consistently fail to update passengers with issues and explanations in a timely fashion, preventing us from making informed choices. This evening was no exception, with the cancellation being announced almost 15 minutes after the train was due.
2. That Metro Trains consistently treat the Upfield line as a optional service, running only 3 trains an hour at peak times and cancelling these to give priority to other lines.
3. That Metro Trains customer service representatives do not appear to realise that they work for Metro, referring to them as 'they', and that they are not even capable of (or empowered to make) an apology.

I would like:
1. A full, written apology for unacceptable service.
2. Written assurances that the Upfield line will be prioritised appropriately, considering the already woeful time tabling.
3. A written commitment to review peak hour time tabling for the Upfield line.


Disgruntled of Coburg

November 11, 2013 


I feel so disillusioned at the moment. I worked hard, lost a bit of weight, and in one week of holiday I've put it all back on again. I don't feel like anything I do is helping, and I don't know what to do next.
I don't feel like I have any kind of control, that I'm going through at the moment trying to make ends meet. Trying to work through my 3 year old's behaviour. Trying to sort out house, car and financial issues. Trying to agree a plan and getting nowhere.
I want to give up but something in me won't. 
Maybe today will bring the inspiration I need.

September 24, 2013 

Working out how to work out

Today I tried an experiment. After an awful commute I got to daycare to discover that Mr 3 had slept for almost 2 hours. I was pretty upset - this basically means no sleep until 9:00 at the very earliest. I decided right there that this was fate - somehow I'd been given back the time I'd planned to spend with him which had been removed by the commute. 
So we went home, Mr 3 had dinner, then we went for a run. I thought he would want to ride his bike while I ran, but it turns out that what he likes is to run. He also likes to yell instructions to me. "Like this, Mummy!" "Faster, Mummy!" It's like having a mini personal trainer.
We'll be trying that again. I'm enjoying starting to run again. It clears my head much more than other forms of exercise.


September 23, 2013 

Bringing it

I'm pretty miserable about the whole weight loss thing today. Despite my best efforts I've put on weight and can't see a light.
On the bright side, I got upset at training today but kicked it off and went for a run. Yes, a genuine out doors, in the sunshine run! And it felt awesome. I should do this more often.


September 21, 2013 


Today I'm having my hair cut. This is my 'me' time. I clock off from mummy hood for a few hours and go to the Westfield where my hairdresser is. I drink tea, have my hair cut, have lunch and chill out. Today it's extra special because I have a date with my hubby tonight!
Today's challenge therefore is to not over indulge during my indulgence day so I can indulge during the evening. So far I have resisted Laurent's croissants and a slice of toast with Eamonn, and it's only 9:30. It's going to be a long day! But not an unpleasant one...


September 20, 2013 


Finally seeing some movement on the scales and its going the right way.
I hope it keeps going. Today's exercise consisted of walking around the city then dropping off for a quick impromptu visit to the zoo. Which lasted for 2.5 hours and covered every single animal except giraffes. When we got out of the zoo this omission was noted and a tantrum narrowly averted by promising a return visit.

At least it kept my legs moving! And tired Eamonn out so much that I can watch re runs of The West Wing.