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May 15, 2007 

Day 2

It was hard work getting up this morning. Only the thought that I'd have to confess on paper (well, virtual paper, anyway) that I'd given up on the second day got me out of bed. That and the fact that in turning off the alarm I accidentally moved the clock forward an hour, so momentarily thought I was going to be late for my lift! But get up I did, and run round Fawkner Park I did, which is about 2.5km. I tried to run really fast, but (as happened yesterday) it turned out I ran at exactly the same speed I always do. Quite depressing, in a way. I then did some sit ups, squats, push ups, dips and a weird leg excercise that involves lying down and doing complicated manoeuvres that hurt. No pain, no gain, eh?

Right, I'm off to the shower then Bendigo.

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Keep it up. Just think of that svelt figure in lycra you'll have after all this.(Not all woobly like mine.) Not to mention how fit you'll be.

Keep going!! You are doing really well - leg excercises are no fun but keep it up young lady :-)

Funny, I no longer consider myself young! Maybe one day I'll run a marathon :D

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