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May 17, 2007 

Day 4

Thanks for the comments yesterday. I didn't quite do double today, but I did at least get out of bed, which was entirely due to the thought of the embarrasment and shame I'd go through if I didn't! Plus, in altering my route so I could go past a water fountain, I managed to do 4.8km. Admittedly, I did therefore stop for a minute or so to get some water, but I still managed to come in at under 7min/km, which is alright. I need to get under 6, but I'll be happy with that for now.

I've also concocted a way to motivate myself to lose weight, another thing I'm really struggling with (fat and fit, that's me!). Every time I get under a kg point I'll designate a piece of clothing that I can't wear if I go over that point. And not rubbish clothes that I don't wear anyway. If I do something really good, like get under a 5kg marker, I'll treat myself to a new piece, and then not let myself wear it if I go over that marker. This all came about because I'm coveting a new running top at the moment, but I don't want to buy one in the size I am now! Does anyone have any more, better, suggestions?

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Buying clothes a size smaller and just working at it so that they are still fashionable when you get to wear them is also a good motivator.

My favourite treat was 'loose half a stone, eat a pot of Ben & Jerry's'. Not sure it's a good way to keep the half stone off though ;-)

The dangerous thing with this plan is that if you do too well and then let yourself go, you won't be allowed to wear any clothes at all which might cause problems.

One way I like to keep fit is to...


...is to...

...I'll get back to you on that one.

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