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December 18, 2005 

Finally We Did It

We managed to pack up everything on Friday. I picked up a vectra that I had hired, and when I got home we started putting stuff in it. Two hours later our life was stuffed into the two cars - and when I say stuffed, I mean it. I filled every gap with bottles and stuffed round them with towels. As we drove the occasional chink was the only clue as to the items that filled the rear of the car. With absolutely zero visibilty out of the rear vie mirror we made it to Nuneaton, offloaded some stuff, up to Derby, offloaded some more stuff, up to Yarm, picked up curry, ate curry, offloaded the final boxes.

Last night was Mum's 60th birthday party, at which I believe everybody had a good time. Certainly Kev tried his very best to help out at the end of the night by finishing as much of the booze as he could. And I had my very first experience of the new liceensing laws. We went to the Keys and danced to the Jam. Hoorah!

And miraculously we don't have hangovers this morning. Hoorah x 2!