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November 26, 2005 

He Sure Plays a Mean Pinball

Last night was fantastic. Full of firsts. First time I've seen my husband play bass. First time I've seen the rest of the band play in public. First time my husband has lied to me, and managed to take a day off without me knowing. First time I've had a whip round in a cigar box. Many firsts.

First time I've been caught up in an altercation on a train that involved the British Transport Police. I'm guessing Thameslink staff don't have a lot of power, because our entire train was held up for 20 minutes by a very loud woman. She refused to get off the train, was threatened with the police, and said that she'd wait for them. Eventually the police turned up, and walked her off the carriage. Instead of shutting the doors at that point and taking the train away they left the doors open. She promptly got back onto the carriage by the door I was standing by, forcing me into the corner, surrounded by policemen. Eventually she left, the train left, and we arrived into 3 bridges only 25 minutes late. Not the end to a night that I'll be looking to repeat.

To be fair, there was one previous occasion where I didn't tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth... there was a certain Saturday evening a few years back where some of your family and friends just happend to 'pop by' to celebrate our birthday.

It was only a little white lie and it was for all the right reasons.

That should read "your birthday".

It's not lying. It's sleight of reality, for magical effect.

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