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December 14, 2005 

Water Water Everywhere

Well, all is going a bit pear shaped. I'm hiding in the living room having a cheese sandwich because my kitchen looks a bit like it did when we were fitting it. The freezer is defrosting, which means it has to be in the middle of the room. There is a small pool of water around it, however much I mop it away. I can't get to anywhere else because the freezer's in the way.

The hallway is entirely full of stuff to go in cars on Friday - stuff for people to use, stuff for people to store, Christmas presents, suchlike.

The upstairs is pretty empty, except for all our clothes in different piles - take to Oz, leave here, wear in the next few days, dirty washing, clean washing.

If anyone was thinking of envying us our 3 month holiday, just look at it this way. Boy, have I earned it!

It is true, my dear, you have earned it!

For the record, the vast majority of the sorting of Johnsy Towers into piles, into lists, into online sales and auctions and into FreeCycling has been done by Thribble.

Three cheers!

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