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December 11, 2005 


It's hard to believe that this time next week we'll be up north at my mum's "surprise" birthday party. I've had a major clear out today, thanks to freecycle. Everything is gradually moving downstairs and out the door. The attic is almost empty, two of the bedrooms are now mainly full of stuff for packing, and the downstairs hall is empty. The living room and dining room look like a bomb's hit them, but hopefully that will improve tomorrow.

I was reminded today of guide camp. I had my old guide leader's voice in my head (well, actually, my mum's!) telling me that I couldn't do everything and that I needed to sit down. I seem to have forgotten to do that, other than grabbing some soup at lunchtime, until toad-in-the-hole-time tonight. Then I suddenly realised how tired I was and I don't think I can stand up again!

Maybe a nice Australian red will help?

Well, you wouldn't have been offered Australian Red at Guide camp so something's moved on!

I have a bottle of red wine here, come and share it with me when you come over to Oz.

I don't really drink red wine so it would be a shame to let it go to waste.

Maybe a nice Australian red will help?

I object to the word "nice" in that sentence.

Atab - Love to :-)

Brian - that's because you're a wine snob. I like Australian reds (well, the nice ones, anyway!).

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