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November 30, 2005 

Mobile Phone Blues

I bought a Virgin Mobile SIM-only kit off the internet.

I called the customer helpline and arranged to port my Vodafone number.

On the 22nd my phone reported a SIM fault and I could not make or receive calls. I called Virgin who told me it was Vodafone’s fault, called Vodafone and they recalled and reinstalled my number until the 24th.

On the 24th my Vodafone SIM stopped working, which was okay, as that was when it was due to be ported.

I decided to check there wasn’t a problem and called the helpline from my office phone.

I was on hold for 20 minutes, and then spoke to someone who looked at it, and said that it could take up until midnight to be sorted.

I called the helpline again that night to check that it was still going through okay. I spoke to someone who told me that there was a problem with the port, but that the team that could deal with it had finished for the day. He would put a note on the file and they would call me first thing in the morning.

I called the helpline again late morning the next day. I was told that I shouldn’t rely on my mobile.

At 1600 I got a phone call saying that the team dealing with my problem closed at 1900. If I did not have a working phone by then, then it would be Monday at the earliest.

On Monday I didn’t get a call, so I called the helpline at 1445. I would be contacted that afternoon.

This morning I called at 1020, and after speaking to someone who called me back I was informed that my problem had been passed to the IT team and that it would be 7-10 days before it was solved.

I called back and asked for my PAC code so I can go somewhere that is capable of porting my number over.

Apparently there are some technological difficulties and I can’t have it. But they’re now going to solve my problem in 48 hours, not 10 days.

Technology sucks.

I am growing to loathe my phone. I have to move all over my house trying to point it in different directions in order to send a single text message.

It's not just the technology that sucks, but also the customer service... it sounds a nightmare :-(

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