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June 11, 2004 

As many of you will have heard, I'm off to Miami on Sunday. I'm not going to bore you all with the reasons I'm glad, or the reasons I'm not. I think they're obvious (work's quiet here, it'll be good to be busy, but I'll miss my hubby). What I am going to do is make you jealous. Yes, I'll be away from my husband for 7 weeks, which very little can compensate for, but these might go some way towards it:

1. On Monday I drive to Orlando for a conference, staying at the Marriott Something-or-other with 6 swimming pools. On Tuesday night I get to go to dinner in the Epcot Centre before returning to Miami on Wednesday.

2. The hotel I will be staying in looks fab. See for yourself. Although I am concerned about the anti-scalding shower. Cold water only?

3. I get a hire car for the duration, so I'll be able to drive off and see the delights of Florida, the Everglades (and maybe see Gentle Ben (theme tune here) and the beaches.

4. Miami is closer to (to mention a few) Maryland, New Jersey and Denver than Crawley is. So I might get to see some friends/cousins I haven't seen in a while.

So there you go. I get internet access over there, so you never know, I might be back blogging with a vengeance. Take care here in blighty! Best of all? I miss the Euro 2004 hype!