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May 27, 2004 

Out of date communications alert

Yes, I'm finally clearing out that inbox. Here goes...

Now here's an idea we didn't need: http://www.nordicwirelesswatch.com/wireless/story.html?story_id=3518
That one from Feb 18th. Wow I'm rubbish at this, aren't I?
For what is a man, what has he got? If no hankies, then he has snot. - Jim
Feb 24th. What were you on? What was I writing about?
Cool! Bernie
You're not wrong. Since recieving this I have whiled away a few tube journeys hunting for these.
The Blood Donation Service won't let me give blood either - because I am immune to Hepatitis B. I agree, it's very frustrating because of the shortage of donors. DM
Now you'd think they'd want blood with ready-made immunities in it, wouldn't you?!;-)
Perhaps the tube was too busy? Best I can do with the M25 is an amoeba, though. ps Why the M25? Back route through Headley is a great drive at that time of night. Bernie.
Referring back to the animals on the underground there... And I took the M25 because I thought it would be quicker and we had house guests. Who I managed to see for approximately 30 minutes in total before we went to bed, and then they dashed off at the crack of dawn to see racing cars. Such fun...

Woo. I managed it!