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February 10, 2004 

Any chance of an Update in February, then?
Well yes, but only because you ask!

In all seriousness, the last couple of weeks have been ones of immense change. I can now write about them with a bit clearer mind than I've had for a while.

Firstly, I have recieved confirmation of my transfer to member of my institution. This means I can now put Thribble BEng CEng MIChemE on all my business cards. It may not sound like much, but believe me, it's huge. The progression to this point has, in the last year, caused me more stress than anything else. I've worked hard, written and re-written reports, submitted an application, had to withdraw it, and worst of all was reduced to tears in the office by the behaviour and social disfunction of one senior member of staff. I'll give you one guess who the only person not to congratulate me was... This finally means I can forget my degree result and leave behind all the unpleasantness of the last year, and move on to Big Change Number 2 with a clear mind.

Big Change Number 2? I handed my notice in almost 2 weeks ago now, and I leave my current job on 24th of this month. I was offered, almost without trying, a fantastic new post (hopefully!) at a company closer to home. Like all new things, I don't know if it'll be all I expect or less or more, but mainly I just want a change of scenery. I need a break from looking over the office and being constantly reminded of the time I burst into tears. What I'm really hoping for is the opportunity to build up my air miles, but we'll have to wait and see about that! It was an offer I couldn't refuse.

My new employers have some quite strict IT rules (no more than 5 personal emails per WEEK - I can do more than that in a day!) so I may blog even less than I do now, if that's possible. On the other hand I have a wonderful new laptop, courtesy of a friend, so I may blog more, you never know!

I've also been making more of an effort to spend time with my husband. To date this has mainly consisted of DIY, curry and me losing at scrabble, but on Sunday we not only did a jigsaw but I actually won a game of scrabble! I went out with my workmates, clubbing in Kingston for the first time, and we finally made it to Pooh bridge in the daylight. Much much stuff, many many changes. It's all going fine, so don't you worry about me if you don't hear much in the next few months!