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March 29, 2004 

Uganda is a wonderful place. It's high enough up that it's not humid, but it's right on the equator, meaning it's sunny. Yay. Sadly I saw very little of this while stuck in meetings and stuff, but things I learnt include:

1. The source of the Nile is in Uganda. It's a great place for white water rafting.

2. The Nile runs up Africa. This is wrong. Rivers should run down. And I know it's nothing to do with N/S, just to do with contours. It's still wrong.

3. The largest birds I have ever seen live in Uganda. And I can't find a picture of them anywhere... mainly because I don't know what they're called.

4. You can get a litre of gin for $5 (that's 2 and a half of your English pounds) in Entebbe Airport duty free.

5. Nairobi airport duty free sells mainly african artifacts at marked up prices.

6. An empty flight is better than a full one. And when the flight is empty, and you've got 3 seats each, not even the prospect of a pretty good film can keep you awake.
So that's it. Back in the office with nothing to show for it but a very small tan, some gin, some baileys, and a desire to go back and see more.