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April 22, 2003 

Well, after a truly epic journey north, we finally made it to my parents house around 3pm on Friday, via my in-law's house the night before. I spent Friday afternoon sorting out boxes of stuff that, as an adult, married, with my own attic to store rubbish in, I felt I really ought to remove from my parents house. More specifically, from my sister's bedroom in said house, so she stops thinking she has to clear it out!! That done, we watched The English Patient, and collapsed into bed.

Saturday was spent catching up with friends - a trip to windy, cold, Durham, and a trip to spe's new love nest in Darlington, followed by curry and a trip to the cinema to see Phone Booth (an excellent film with a slightly unsatisfactory ending, leaving it well open for Phone Booth 2).

After church and lunch with both my Grandmothers we headed off to Derby to see my ickle sister and her hubby, followed by lunch on Monday with Mad and Pinky in lovely Repton before a less epic trip home. The drive south was helped by discovering Stuart Maconie was playing some of Macca's 'Back In The World' tour. I'm not a big fan of the beatles, but I can't deny I like some of their music, and it's always interesting to hear an artist talking about his songs. So all in all, a good weekend.