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April 10, 2003 

So have you done nothing this week? - Jim
Apparantly not, so I'm going to let you guys fill in the entry today.
Bye Gonzo *sniff*
Indeed, gone and sadly missed. But Susie is an admirable replacement.

<tv show="Fawlty Towers">Don't mention the war!</tv>

I'm not, or trying not to. This could be influencing my lack of blogging. The other thing possibly interrupting normal service is my attempts to write a web page, which are progressing slowly, to say the least!
Concerning your 1/4/03 posting about the stop sign, I feel the University of Manitoba says it all (knowing one of its graduates as I do). The bloke was probably stunned by another vehicle being on the road!
Not a populous area then?!
See what you mean about your photo on the old BUSAG page!! Mua-ha-ha indeed! :-) Hope you're feeling better - Mad xxx
Much better, and I'm not linking to that photo. I'll leave it as a challenge for my reader.