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April 10, 2003 

So what have I actually been up to? Well, I've gardened. For possibly the first time ever I voluntarily picked up some gardening implements and set about sorting out the front garden. I hacked, I pruned, I cleared, I filled 3 bags with rubbish. I asked my beloved husband what he thought of my efforts when he came home. He hadn't noticed. This means one of two things. Either he is very unobservant, or our garden was in such a state that 3 bags of rubbish don't make even a little bit of a dent into the overall ambience.

I'm guessing the second one. The leaves that fell off the trees last autumn are still on the ground. The bin we found in the shed when we moved in and put out front as a temporary measure is still there. The dead bits that have been dead since we moved in almost are, you guessed it, still there. I'm not a born gardener. If anyone from Ground Force is reading, you're welcome to come round and fix it anytime. It's the front garden. You don't even need keys to get in.