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April 16, 2003 

Our long awaited office move started today. It was a bit of a surprise, to say the least. We'd been told we wouldn't be moving until after Easter, but hey ho, here we go! In many ways it's an improvement - I have a shelf, a chair that needs an instruction book, somewhere to hang my pictures (if I had any) and I'm not sat in the direct line of fire from the airconditioning. However...
My chair, even after use of the aforementioned instruction book, insists on launching me forwards. I'm now using the instruction book to stop my head banging on my desk.
The area we're sitting in is so small that if I make full use of the fact that my chair does three full rotations without putting my feet down, I'm likely to collide with someone else.
And finally, I threw out my Dilbert collection because I had nowhere to stick them. D'oh.