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November 29, 2002 

ou est la plume de ma thribble?

wot nothing since 25th have you gone into honeymoon mode?
I am pleased that my readers are so concerned for my whereabouts (and that of my plume). I have, sadly, been working. This week has passed by in a whirl of meetings and site visits, only to be topped yesterday by my manager presenting me with a to do list he'd written for me. I find the generosity of this act astounding, and, as you can imagine, will be rushing to complete them in the next two weeks before I go on leave.

Last night we went to the cinema to try and see 28 Days Later. I've been trying to see this film almost since before it came out, and have failed. Last night we failed again as the cinema appeared to be on fire (car park closed, fire engines present, smell of burning plastic). Still, at least the firemen (stationed approximately 100 yards from the cinema) had managed to show up. There's no news around at the moment on how serious the fire was, but I hope nobody was hurt. Maybe I'll get to see the film next week...

This weekend I'm looking forward to a trip up to Birmingham for friend st's birthday bash - cocktails, shopping and italian food. Life's good at the moment!