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November 14, 2002 

Wow. Long communications today!

Dearest Thribble,

The less-than and greater-than signs are used to create tags in HTML. But you knew this anyway, right? To prevent the HTML parser thinking that you are opening an HTML tag with a less-than sign, you should use '<' (and, similarly, '>' for greater-than).

Now, these special characters both begin with the ampersand. To display an ampersand in HTML, you would use '&'. So to display the special character sequence for a less-than sign, you would type '&gt;'. You see?

http://www.w3.org/MarkU p/html3/latin1.html has a fairly comprehensive list of character entities, if you're interested.


Thankyou! And referring to my shoe tragedy:
You want to get a nice pair of DM's like me! (",)
I have on today, by coincidence, a nice pair of DMs. I've had them since I was 19, and they're still going strong. But they don't really work with smark business attire, and I've already had one comment, so I think it's time to go shopping!