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November 25, 2002 

So much time off, so much to catch up on. I'm going to cheat and let you do the work while I get back into the swing.
Did you mean Pigeon as in the bird variety, or pidgeon as in the language variety?
I meant the bird. Apparantly I need to learn to spell, as well as how to phrase my scope sheets.
My colleague has turned up for work in a kilt - i'm hoping this is because of Children in Need!
I hope so too, otherwise there is no excuse for that kind of behaviour. Children in Need passed me by totally this year, for which I am very grateful.
Nov 14th: "Smark business attire" ?
Smark alec. And finally...
dr cox
dr cox
Fantastic. I'm very happy to have you here, and that you chose to announce yourself so dramatically.