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September 24, 2013 

Working out how to work out

Today I tried an experiment. After an awful commute I got to daycare to discover that Mr 3 had slept for almost 2 hours. I was pretty upset - this basically means no sleep until 9:00 at the very earliest. I decided right there that this was fate - somehow I'd been given back the time I'd planned to spend with him which had been removed by the commute. 
So we went home, Mr 3 had dinner, then we went for a run. I thought he would want to ride his bike while I ran, but it turns out that what he likes is to run. He also likes to yell instructions to me. "Like this, Mummy!" "Faster, Mummy!" It's like having a mini personal trainer.
We'll be trying that again. I'm enjoying starting to run again. It clears my head much more than other forms of exercise.


feels good to go back to sports after a while.
Happened to me to this past few weeks!

I enjoyed your blog


Hope to get back to feeling good when working out.

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