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September 18, 2013 

Harvesting the Heart

I've borrowed Jodi Piccoult's book, Harvesting the Heart, from my local library via their ebook service. At some other point you may have to listen to me rave about this service, but not today. Today I'm struggling to read. The book is typical Jodi Piccoult - well researched and feels accurate as you see life from the characters' perspectives. 
Unfortunately it's about PND. I thought it would be interesting but I find I'm actually scared of the book. I almost daren't open it. Maybe I haven't come as far as I thought.

Yesterday I stuck to my calorie goal. That's two days in a row and nothing on the scales to show for it. Pretty depressing for a child of the instant gratification generation. Today is another exercise class and yet again that damn calorie goal. Come on, body.