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September 17, 2013 


Firstly, yesterday's recap - I did my exercise class and even volunteered to do running outside rather than bike inside. It was the first time all day it hasn't been raining and the serendipity was strong! I stayed under my calorie goal too, although I struggled. 
Today I have spent some time hunting out an old photo for what some people call 'fitspiration'. Not 'skinnyspiration' or 'hotspiration', which is good because I'm neither of those even at my peak. But fit I can do.
This is me (on the right) and a colleague before we set off to run a 5k. There are no after photos because Jen pushed me so hard that I ran my fastest ever 5k time despite walking for 1km. Around 24 minutes, in answer to your question.
One day I want to run again. It gave me great freedom to sort my mind out. So here's the plan - when I get through this round of exercise class I will start running 1 lunchtime a week.
Today I've already done 60 push ups so as long as I'm under my calorie goal again I'll count that a win!