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September 16, 2013 

Fitter, Happier, Healthier

After my battle with depression was won, I realised that it was just one battle in an ongoing war. I am off the anti depressants, and I feel better than I have done in years. However, I keep focused on making things better because if I don't, I feel them getting worse again. I guess after time I will either get so good at this that I won't notice I'm doing it, or I won't need to do it. Until then, I'm working on it!
The one thing that frustrates me at the moment is my inability to shake the weight I put on in my down days. Somehow there's nothing quite like chocolate cake to get you through the day! But enough is enough and this is the first of my 'accountability' posts. I solemnly swear that I am up to some good and that I'll tell you all about it.
Today is the first day of mission weight drop.
The plan is to do something every day. Gym class, walking, tabata... And when it's not exercise I'm going to be low cal. Not quite the rigour of 5:2 but a little something to kick start my metabolism.
So today I'm going to my gym class for the first time in 2 weeks after a virus laid me out. I expect it to hurt. That's good, right?