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July 22, 2013 

Three Today

I missed Eamonn's second birthday on this blog, and I feel like I let him and myself down. At the time I was incredibly worried about a family member, and had booked flights back to the UK for Eamonn and I when he was 2 + 1 day. For the record, he was a star on that trip. He slept for 10 hours on the first leg and was a little angel the rest of the time.

So now, here we are, as he turns 3. As I said in my last post, I've battled through the depression. In the last year I have admitted I needed anti-depressants, taken them, felt better, and, within the last few weeks, come off them. I feel much better and I credit both counselling and coaching with that. (If anyone needs coaching then I can't recommend Dean at Melbourne Corporate Health highly enough).

Eamonn has grown and changed. It hardly seems possible that only a year ago I was concerned that he was a little behind in developing his language. A trip to the UK and time with his cousins changed that and now he doesn't stop talking. We have far fewer problems because of that - he can communicate what he wants and needs pretty easily. However, we do have the terrible threes. Eamonn is a very determined child and knows his own mind. Where that disagrees with mine, we hit problems. We're both very stubborn people and don't like to back down. Sometimes it's hard for me to remember that I'm the grown up here!

However, he's also grown into a very caring child. Eamonn desperately wants a little brother or sister, and has taken to wrapping his teddy like a baby, rocking it and singing to it, and he always goes and checks it's okay before leaving the room. He struggles, like all 3 year olds, with sharing, but he understands the concept and when he chooses to share it is one of the cutest things I have seen. He loves to cuddle and kiss, and long may that last. He has close friends who he is excited to see, and runs up and hugs them. They don't always play perfectly together, but they're pretty good!

Eamonn loves to sing and accompany himself on the guitar, or to dance along to the stereo, me singing, or hymns in the church! He loves to bake and cook. "Big kicks like James" are a huge thing, and it's a real effort to remind him to do them outside. I'm not sure whether he is heading for Union, Aussie Rules or Soccer, but I can't see him reaching adulthood without playing at least one of them reasonably well.

So I'll leave you with this, from Penelope Leach; Your Baby and Child (1977). It is very true of Eamonn and something I live with every day. Sticker charts cannot change the fact that he is 3, not 13 or 33, thank goodness.

Your toddler will be "good" if he feels like doing what you happen to want him to do 
and does not happen to feel like doing anything you would dislike.

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