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April 19, 2011 

Bad Customer Service

I recently ordered some nappy covers online as Eamonn has grown out of his. I received a single woollen nappy cover, instead of two PUL ones. I emailed the company asking them to let me know how to return the wrong order, and to please send the right one. This is the email I received in return:

Good morning Kristy,

We would firstly like to apologise for the wrong order been posted out to you. We actually had two K Johns purchase in the garage sale and it seems that stickers had been put on the wrong parcels.

We are working on changing our current procedures so that this does not occur again. If you could post back to us the items that you did get as soon as possible and upon receiving these we will post you out your correct items.

Again we are extremely sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind Regards,

Tahnay Fleming

Internet Administration Team


Can you spot the problems?

First up, my name is KIRSTY, not KRISTY.

Secondly, I'm not paying to post your mistake back to you.

Thirdly, just send me the right stuff, it's your fault you screwed up.

So I'm waiting on a response to my request for a pre-paid envelope. I won't pay to post it back. And I won't be using that company again.

What an absurd letter... I cannot believe that this company is in existence with nonsense like that... It makes me angry.

Imus got in a lotta trouble for talking about nappy covers.

My kind of girl!!

You would think that they would have offered a pre-paid envelope or something to make it easy for you.
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