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April 07, 2011 

AGL - Dodgy Dodgy

I've just been door knocked by a representative of AGL, an energy supplier here in Australia. Apparently there have been "complaints of over charging in this area", so can he see my electricity and gas bills. I checked his ID, yes, he works for AGL.
Now this is spectacularly bad timing as I'd just started changing the baby's nappy, and I happen to know there's a gas bill on the stairs so off I go to get it. I come back and point out that our electricity supply is actually with Origin, not AGL. He says yes, he wants to check if they're on-charging the right amount. I'm skeptical... Our bill says 21c/unit, he says it should only be 18c and had I heard they're installing smart meters along here. Yes, I had heard that, but what has this to do with it? Well, apparently when the new meter is installed we will get our gas directly from AGL not from a supplier. Quote:
"Your next bill will be 19c/unit, so 20% cheaper."
Really? At this point I am so bothered by the whole thing I ask if AGL can please send me some info in the post that I can read when the baby isn't naked upstairs. He says no, that's not possible. I say in that case I am not doing anything, I will maintain the status quo. He says, quote:
"Either now or afterwards, you won't get from a supplier, it will come from AGL direct."
I have to fill in the paperwork now. I say no thanks, and he asks if I want to pay 20% extra. I point out that I have my electricity with Origin for a number of reasons, not just price, and go inside and close the door.
It seems very dodgy and even if AGL are cheaper, they will not be getting my business. If they can confuse me (alright, baby brain is at a high at the moment) into nearly signing my supply over to them with those tactics, I wonder how many others actually fall for it.

Duh, are you dumb or what signing a contract.

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