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September 08, 2007 

It's Here!

The nano's here. It's small, shiny, red, and full of music. Yay!

And even better, we have Foxtel. Not that I'm too excited about that, but it means that the rugby world cup is here. We only had Sky in the UK because I got it the day before the previous world cup for ITV2, and the same applies here. It got its first run at 5am this morning for the France Argentina game, and it'll get another go at 2am tomorrow morning for the England USA game. Too exciting!

There's an advert running on Ten at the moment. It shows the pass to Johnny Wilkinson, and him kicking the drop goal. Slo-mo Australian players turning to follow the flight. Cut to a black screen with the words "remember how it felt?". Back to the flight of the ball, the drop goal through... Yes, I remember how it felt. And I still get tingles down my spine whenever I see that moment. I love that advert. Thankyou Ten!

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