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July 15, 2007 

Looking Good, Billy Ray!

Feeling Good, Louis! On Tuesday morning I got within spitting distance of the sea. On Wednesday I reached the sea. This morning I reached the sea and ran for 3km beside it! Which gives me a total of 8km ran this morning, which is pretty good.

Quite apart from that (Mum, stop reading now!!), I've been on a bit of a detox this week, after our party at the weekend. No booze, no meat, just fruit and veg. I had my first proper meal last night when I made a chilli. The rest of the week has been all carrot sticks, kiwi fruit and soup. Still, I'm 2kg lighter, and, as I say, feeling good!

So I'm celebrating with a glass of shiraz. Seems wrong, somehow!

In other news, I've seen two movies this weekend - Ocean's 13 and Pirates. Both number 3 in a series. Johnny Depp wins hands down. I lauged out loud and cried a bit too. Keith Richards was fantastic. Skip Ocean's 13.

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