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September 04, 2007 


Those of you who know me well know that one of the things I rarely talk about is religion. Those who know me even better know that this is because I have some strong opinions, and I hate to get riled up about them. The Association of Interchurch Families was part of that - supporting my parents through the stages of their marriage, and helping my sister and I realise what was important to us. Ellen Bard and I were two of the founder members of IFYAG, the Interchurch Families Youth Action Group. We had grown up beyond the kid's activities at the annual conference and realised that children of interchurch families have their own issues to deal with. We wanted somewhere to talk them through, and maybe get some things changed.

I learnt that you can't change a big organisation, certainly not from the bottom up, but you can work around them, and in the end what matters is that you believe in what you do and how you do it. One of the people who helped me realise this was Reverend Canon Chris Bard. It's incredibly difficult to learn of someone's death and have nothing to give to the people who loved him and were close to him. The only thing I can offer is my sincere sympathy, and my undying respect for a man who loved life and was a true christian. Despite being a member of the clergy for "one side", he saw, and helped others see, that there weren't sides. Just people. Thanks Chris.