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August 25, 2007 

Holiday Catch Up

It's been a while, to say the least. As I was chatting to my Mum earlier, I realised that I had been remiss in my postings. This is partly because I've been spending a lot of time going up and down to Bendigo, and to be honest, it's not that exciting. However, last weekend I got the opportunity to use my new camera in earnest. We went to Hobart with some friends for a long weekend, and it was lovely!

When we arrived at the house we'd rented we discovered that the lovely people who own it had left us breakfast - two loaves of bread (but no fish), jam, honey, vegemite (of course), cereal, milk, coffee (real and instant!), tea of various sorts, and a couple of packets of biscuits incase we were really hungry. That kind of set the tone for the holiday - nothing went really wrong, and we had a lovely break.

Day 1 was a trip to the Cascade brewery (thankfully our designated driver doesn't drink beer) followed by a trip to the Lark distillery for whisky tasting. We rounded it off with a good Thai takeaway back at the house.

Day 2 was Salamanca markets (a new hat, hair band and chilli oil for me) followed by a trip up Mount Wellington. We were all very excited to see that it was covered in snow. I was Des that day, and was a little nervous going up the windy road with snow on the side! We cooked ourselves a big roast that evening, with veggies from the market and pre-roasted chickens from the amusingly titled "Legs and Breasts", and rounded off the day with a game of Cranium. Which I won!

The final day was the most sobering. We started well, with a trip to the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park (v. cute until they open their mouths and crunch through bones), then headed down to Port Arthur. When convicts reoffended after they were transported they were sent to Port Arthur, a prison town where hard work and religion was supposed to rehabilitate the convicts. It's a pretty dismal part of Australia's history, but even more so was the memorial to the victims of the massacre there in 1996. We drove away very quietly. I would recommend it though - an interesting day, and a really beautiful part of the world.

Since then I've been back to Bendigo (I know, you can hardly contain your excitement) and now I'm back! And I'm hoping the photo links in this post work, or that's all my hard work up the swannee. You can judge for yourselves if my camera is any good!

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