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January 15, 2006 

Erm, What?

Surely St. George's Day?

That's English, not British! I fear the Australian sun has addled your brain m'dear!

That's England, Kirsty. Not Britain. He's talking about Britishness.

St George is the Patron saint of England (and Scouting[1] and lots of other stuff) not of Britian. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own patron saints.

[1]Incidentally Scouts do not parade on St Georges day in National Celebration- but in celebration of Scouting itself.

No, no, NO! St George is the Patron Saint of England - not Britain. St George's Day is for celebrating Englishness in the same way that St David's Day is for the Welsh and St Andrew's is for the Scots. What Mr Brown is after is St Gordon's Day. My guess is that it will either involve drinking LOTS of gin or that it will be sponsored by, well, Gordon's. :-)

Objections in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, me thinks, if St George's Day is selected. This is a perennial argument which never seems to gather any consensus. Anyhow, what is Britishness anyway...? I've yet to hear a convincing definition which isn't too jingoistic or politically correct.

No, no, NO! St George's day is for England. Much in the same way that St Andrew's is for the Scots and St David's for the Welsh. What Gordon is talking about is creating a British day. One that combines all three. I suspect he may be angling for St Gordon's day. A day when we all indulge in gin and think of new ways to get money out of people without calling it tax. :-)

Oh, I see. Comment moderation is why the earlier one didn't appear yet. Fair enough. I'd ignore this one and one of the previous two if I were you... :-)

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