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October 21, 2005 

Leave the past where it belongs...

As I was off work today I decided to go through some boxes of papers that I've accumulated over the years. Letters, certificates, old excercise books from India, old diaries, that kind of thing. I threw a lot of stuff out. Somehow, when you can't remember where or when it's from, it doesn't seem important anymore!

But I read the letters. About 10 years ago I was trying to get confirmed. I'd fought the battles over communion, I'd had the discussions. We talked to both Archbishop Carey and Cardinal Basil Hume (one of whom, incase you're interested, struck me as very intelligent, open minded and articulate. The other struck me as narrow minded and very very biased. Guess which is which.) I then wrote to my bishops asking for joint confirmation. I was rejected. I should have thrown those letters in the bin. But I didn't. I don't know why. In 10 years when I re-read them I'm going to be just as upset, but I know I'll do it.

Strange thing, the human mind, isn't it?