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November 03, 2005 

Moving To The Country

This moving lark is hard work. This morning I got up at 0555 (I didn't even know that time existed!) for a phone interview at 6am. This is the second I've had, and I've got another one tomorrow. I've just hung up and I'm exhausted. It's not even 7am and I feel like I've done a days work. I've got to get on a bus in half an hour, spend a day designing chlorine plant and pretending to be awake, then pick up a car, drive home, eat, go to the hairdressers, go home, and then empty the bedroom so the carpet man can come tomorrow and fit the new carpet.

It's amazing that we've lived with the hole in the carpet for a year and only get the motivation to replace it when we're moving out. I guess that's the way things go. It must be the same reason that the bathroom now has a towel rail, the back bedroom is no longer icky green, and the garden fence is measured ready to be replaced.

Still, if all these interviews are anything to go by at least I won't have to worry about a job. Poisonous things, the hole in the ozone layer, water shortages, salination of the land, yes, but job, no. Hoorah!

Any news yet on the job front?

It's All Good [tm]

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