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November 10, 2005 

Politics of Terror

I'm not a great one for political posts. Political talk and opinions, yes, but posting on my blog? Not really. However, two things caught my attention today. Firstly, I'm horrified to discover that Cllr John Mortimer is deputy mayor of Crawley. Which means he'll be mayor next year. Given that in a letter to me he wrote

I am sorry that you do not like living in Crawley but there is not a lot I can do about that.
Inspiring choice for mayor, no?

The second thing is related to the fantastic news yesterday that the 90 day detention was defeated in the commons (although not by our MP, suprise surprise, as she's never voted against Blair once). I read with interest that the new Northern Ireland (Offences) bill says that anyone accused of terrorist offences committed before 10/04/98 will be tried by tribunal but will be released under licence if found guilty. Tony Blair says

The measures we are introducing are actually designed to end terrorism, not further it.
My question would have to be, how can the government justify freeing guilty people after a trial, whilst imprisoning innocent ones without.

At least your deputy mayor is straight and to the point. Unlike our local councillors who spew a load of twaddle that they then say they didn't say. They also don't understand the meaning of 'confidential' as they seem to think that's something to leak to the press.

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