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October 20, 2005 

These are the days...

I had a pretty crap day today. You may have gathered from the initial post this morning that I didn't wake up in the best frame of mind. I managed to get into work but was met by my boss saying, "you're not going to like me". You're right, mate, I don't. For the last 18 months my confidence in my work has dropped gradually. Today it hit rock bottom. After half an hour of criticism, some valid, some not, I lost it. I had to try very hard not to lose it in public, and after spending a lot of the morning in and out of the loos I had to go home. My head was pounding and I nearly threw up. Hopefully, as tomorrow's another day, it'll be, well, another day.

So I spent this afternoon wrapped up at home, mainly shivering, but also cheering myself up by sorting through the pre-digital photos. I like to keep them in albums, sorted out and labelled. I don't like boxes and boxes full of random photos that I can't chronologically place. You know the kind of thing... Did I go to Holland in 1999 or 2000? So if that was 2000 then Athens must have been 2001. Etc, etc, etc. I'm pleased to say that I now have all my photos either in albums or in the bin, up to the APS days. I can't work out how to put them in a normal album, so if anyone has any tips I'd appreciate it.

And Finally... I got round to going through all the photos taken at our wedding on the table cameras. A big thank you to every one who thought we'd need pictures of the urinals and toilets, the empty booze bottles at the end of the night, the bottle cap on a chair, and other such Turner Prize entrants. I've narrowed them down to 40 of your finest and yes, put them into an album. The plan now is to at some point scan them all in and put them on the web so you can all share in the delights of Best Man's booze collection, my Dad's dancing, Pinky and Mad's "snog" and Koji's bow ties. Happy Days!

I like these albums: http://www.arrowfile.com/

It's a binder system, and you can get all sorts of different pages for different types of prints (and other items) made from archival polyprop.

There is another very similar range which I've also used, but the arrowfile stuff is easier to get hold of - I can dig out details on the other one if you want.

Mad & Pinky's snog ... I'm guessing that must have come from our camera ... can you flickr it for all to see? I seem to remember them getting confused for a couple!

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