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September 19, 2005 


The exciting thing about emigrating is that all of a sudden everything you do, and everywhere you go, becomes better. It may be the last time you see it for a while. A long while. This weekend particularly rammed that home to me. Although Dublin isn't my home, and I have no real claim to it (or in fact any of Ireland except perhaps Roscommon, where I've never been), I've had some great times there. It was there that Pete nearly proposed to me, and there that I discovered that actually Guinness is a drink I like (along with a few of its friends). Mostly, however, I just fell in love with Howth. Every time I'm there I want to stay longer. I want to walk along the harbour walls and stand at the end watching the boats (going out and coming back in again). I want to sit in the pubs and drink guinness. And Smethwicks. And Bulmers. And vodka and red lemonade. I was sad to say goodbye to it today, but it was made better by knowing everything will be very different the next time I'm there.

To cap it off, we saw Liz Hurley at Gatwick when we landed!