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September 28, 2005 


It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate without noticing. After a pretty traumatic weekend, in which we told both my Grandmas that we were off, we got home last night around 4. I started sorting out the back bedroom, and, after putting a load of games and jigsaws to go out, commenced Operation Shred.

I shredded. And shredded. And shredded. Ten years worth of accumulated bank statements, credit card statements, insurance documents, letters that might be important, letters that might not, all went. The whine of the shredder was drowned out by the wine of the red colour. Until 8pm when my brain finally protested and shut my hands down.

It was satisfying to look at bank statements from my student years and look at the amount of debt I had and to realise that those days have gone. Even more so, it was interesting what I was spending my money on. Apparently I thought it acceptable that whilst I owed the bank a four figure sum (all be it interest free) I would go and buy a £40 pair of trousers. Or take out a large sum on a Friday night. Thankfully those days of folly have gone. Now I only owe the bank a six figure sum and I think that it’s perfectly acceptable to quit my job and buy a £600 plane ticket one way to the sun!