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October 06, 2005 

Catalogue of Disasters

I missed my bus this morning. Bus number 1 I missed because the timetable at the shelter was wrong. Bus number 2 I missed because my watch was 5 minutes slow. I ran up to the main road and got a different number bus, which goes to the North not South terminal. The transit was broken. Upshot - I'm at Gatwick with an hour to kill and I'm going to be very, very late for work.

50p for 5 minutes internet access. I have 2 minutes remaining. What to do?!

We should have stayed in bed this morning, my dear.

Whilst on length 20 out of a potential 64, I was asked to leave the pool by one of the two lifeguards on duty. This was not due to any wrongdoing on my part but due to a power failure: apparently the lifeguard could not see everyone in the pool, despite the sunlight coming in through the large windows that surround the pool hall and the emergency lighting working.

Unimpressed, Crawley.

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