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October 10, 2005 

Clear Out

As you've probably gathered from paj, we've been clearing out. There are some advantages and disadvantages to this. The disadvantages mainly are that our house is in chaos and I'm covered in paint. I'm not sure the second one is necessarily to do with clearing out and not more to do with me being inept at painting. Possibly also that the paint is 3 years old, but we won't go into the reasons for that! The advantage is that I can blog from the living room as all our computer bits are downstairs. Currently waiting for my birthday curry to turn up, drinking a glass of wine and about to watch an Inspector Morse. Life doesn't get much better!

On the subject of life not getting much better, I'd like to thank very much everybody who came out on Friday night. Particularly Ellie, who I hadn't seen for far too long. Highlights definitely being Really Good BluesTM and Champagne-inna-Tankard. Lowlights being evicted from the pub at Too Early and the waitress being surly.

So happy birthday to me, and thankyou to you.