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October 11, 2005 

Geek Stuff`

Sharpreader appears to be broken. Well, at least on my computer it is. Even the most loveable geek in Crawley can't fix it. So I've abandoned it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Google Reader. Opinions to follow when there are some new blog entries to check it out with. Come on people.

I'm finding google reader deathly slow. Are you?

Thank you, I thought it was just me, or my computers, or something I've done. I haven't managed to read a new post on it yet, it's so slow.

Slow is the word. Oddly it's unusable on my super-dooper development PC at the office, but just slow on K's laptop, which is far older.
And now I've just gone and confused it even more by importing a mahoosive OPML [Outline Processor Markup Language] file.
But it's still in Beta, so the jury's still out.

best regards, nice info
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