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September 30, 2005 


It's still amazing me how much stuff I have. This afternoon I've half filled a wheelie bin with paper for recycling. How? By throwing out my university notes, work training notes and other such things that I haven't looked at for years, and in some cases have never looked at. Never even opened the file. Astounding. Why on earth did I keep them this long?

To add to that, why, now that I've thrown them out, does our house look messier than when I started? I do feel sometimes like there's a guy in the house next door throwing stuff through a gap I can't see, so that every time I turn around there's more.

On the bright side, I'll at least make the bin men feel wanted, so that has to be good!

Hmm, don't think I had any input into those notes, so I'll let you throw 'em away ;)

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