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November 04, 2003 

That water thing does sound quite cool actually... - Jim
Wow. I need to blog more. That one dates back to the 20th of October. Still, I'm glad I'm not that boring really.
I'm glad no-ones said "first record? I only have CDs". Anyway, first record: Shakatak - Invitation(s). First gig: Queen. Most recent gig: AC/DC at Hammersmith this week. Wahey - hours of queuing, but worth it. "Dirty Deeds, done with Sheep" and all that 8-). Bernie. ps I don't think you're boring. All those stories of when you've been drinking .... ;-)
Drinking? Me? Never. Well, not while my parent's read my blog, anyway!
Have you really not seen anything since Three Kings?
Well, maybe that one needs updating. I think the last thing I watched was Police Academy 5. Ish.
minipops quiz
Thankyou. Try the Radio 1 website, not mine! I just played it.
Is anybody theeeere????? said the traveller, knocking on the old church door. 0.cking on the old church door.
Not today thankyou.